• In Ghana: Ekoa-Agency , Ebenezer Ofori A., P.o.-Box 438, La-Trade Fair, Accra, Accra Ghana
  • http://www.bridgetoafrica.com
  • Bridge to Africa e. K – Germany, in collaboration with Ekoa agency under NCC – Ghana. Present the first Ghana promotion service in Germany. It is open to all businesses. With special attention on small and medium scale enterprises, tourism industries, investment opportunities in Ghana, Government agencies, welfare organization “schools, churchesâ€Â� etc. Individuals and all who have business perspectives in mind, importation from and exportations to Germany and those ready to have business partnership with German companies. We have lunched a special website “ www.ghana-business.de “ to also get the Ghanaian goods and service to the German public and the world through today’s fast growing efficient and effective platform for carrying information i.e. the Internet. And it is also a chance to own Homepages in the Internet for your company(s) or Organization(s) Promotion and information sharing. You have the opportunity to choose from three (3) optional levels of homepages both created in German and English Languages respectively. You can have your website designed and hosted with domain names (.COM, INFO, .DE, .ORG, .NET, .EDU) all at a very low cost as compared to current charges in Ghana and Germany. For further details contact us:
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