Why You Should Holiday in Kenya

Going on a holiday is by far one of the most exciting, thrilling, relaxing, body and soul-boosting activities anyone can ever engage in. After spending all year running around working, meeting deadlines, clinching business deals and studying, a lot of individuals look forward to going on a holiday in a faraway location; where they can sleep, eat, make new friends, meet new business partners, find love, socialize and just have a lot of fun. In addition to that, going on holiday helps to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress and exposes you to novel cultures, lifestyles, and people. You are in many cases, exposed to a new way of life. 

There are lots of holiday destinations around the world, where you can do all the above-mentioned things and so much more, but some are more mind-blowing than others. One of the best holiday spots in the world is the great country of Kenya.

Kenya is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. It is a country that has lots of beautiful places and breathtaking scenery.  Coupled with its beautiful, fun, hospitable and caring people, and its amenable weather with lots of sunshine and cold starry nights, Kenya is a country filled with adventures, magic, and life. Kenya is also a land of amazing diversity and mixture of cultures, incredible mountain tops, calm and beautiful lakes, rivers and oceans, landscapes, white sandy beaches, and deserts.

Kenya is home to numerous amazing wildlife hotspots. Its game reserves, national and private parks are filled with a wide variety of wildlife. It offers a rich, memorable and fascinating experience to visitors who want to have a feel of wildlife and nature, either in solitude or in a group.

Things to Do

There is a lot to do in Kenya and you’re guaranteed to find something that piques your interest. We’ve compiled a summary of our top activities to make your Kenyan holiday one to remember.

Kenya is home to a rich diversity of wild and beautiful animals, which can be seen in their National and Private parks.  Kenya's Safari activities are second to none,  as it is home to many animals such as Impalas, the Big Cats, the Big Five (these are the five most difficult animals to hunt in Africa; namely African Lions, African Elephants, African Leopards, White / Black Rhinoceros, and the Cape Buffaloes), Hyenas,  Gazelles,  Giraffes, and Cheetahs.

Easy Entry
If you crave for a place with little or no hassle concerning entry requirements, then Kenya is a place of choice. Entry into Kenya is easy, fast and as cheap as $51 per person. Any visitor can obtain an e-visa prior to his/ her departure, in order to boycott long queues at the airport. Amazingly, visiting children under the age of 16 are exempted from paying for visas. In essence, it doesn't matter how many children you are travelling with as the visa is free of charge for them.

Kenya has beautiful and gorgeous white sandy beaches that are perfect spots for swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, water skiing, and scuba diving. There is the Gazi beach, Diani Beach, Watamu beach, Lami beach and Nyali beach to mention but a few.

Mount Kenya is one of the best places for mountaineering activities in Kenya. You can hike, walk, camp and explore the famous Mount Kenya, which is the second highest mountain in Africa, sitting at a jaw-dropping 5,199 meters above sea level. Other mountains located in Kenya are, Mount Longonot, Mount Elgon, Mount Kipipiri and Mount Kinangop.

Beautiful Resorts
The country boasts of amazing resorts with beautiful views of the skyline and beaches, and comfortable rooms and exciting spas. 

Kenyan Delicacies
You are in for a taste of nice, homemade cuisine; exotic and traditional meals that would keep your taste buds popping and craving for more. There are different cuisines to try: Ugali (cornmeal staple), Nyama Choma (grilled meat), Bhajia (fried potatoes), Mandazi, Mlate Maya, Wali Wa Nazi, Kenyan Pilau and Sukuma Wiki.  These are healthy and delicious meals that will have you asking for more.

The Great Migration of the Wildebeest 
This is perhaps one of the golden moments of Kenya, the migration of the wildebeest in the Mara River of the Masai Mara Reserve. This happens between July and October every year., where gigantic herds of zebra and wildebeest, move across the Serengeti Plains from Tanzania into Kenya's Maasai Mara and back to Tanzania.  It always is a beauty to behold.

The UNESCO Heritage Sites
You will also have the opportunity to visit the special and magical sites marked by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Kenya.  They are the Fort Jesus Mombasa, Sacred Mijikenda Kaya forests, Lake Turkana National parks, Lamu Old Town, Kenya Lake System, Mount Kenya National Park, and the Thimlich Ohinga Cultural Landscape.

The Friendly and Accommodating Kenyan People
You will get to meet with the amazing people of Kenya, and share their life and culture.  You might even be able to pick up a word or two in their language. 

Kenya is home to different arts and crafts that you can take home as souvenirs. They have nice markets with lots of variety to shop from.  You can get handmade beads, blankets, carvings, rugs, sandals, handbags, and jewelry. 

Safety Tips 

Now that you have reasons to get on that next flight to the beautiful and enchanting country of Kenya, there are few things you need to know for your safety. 
For your trip to Kenya, you need to arm yourself with sunscreen, insect repellent, strong boots or shoes, comfortable attire, hats or caps, anti-malaria drugs and vaccinations (get all your medication from your country). Don't wander too far from people, and be careful with your jewelry and cash.

Having said that, you are set to have an amazing time in Kenya.  Have lots of fun, meet new and interesting people, take pictures and make great memories.
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