• At 2110 Achimota, Accra Ghana
  • Vicolestar Limited is a dynamic and flexible maritime services venture that offers maritime services all over the world.The company has it Ports of Presence in all Major ports in Ghana,the rest of Africa, the Mediterranean Sea,and Europe. We have a wealth of experience, dedicated and committed personnel and are well poised to fulfil most requirements from the commercial shipping and cruise industries. Our Activities also include the following:Shipping Agency,Owners Representatives,Clearing & Forwarding,Bunkering Agents, Brokering & Marketing,Stevedoring & cargo Operations,Loading & Discharging Supervision and General Ship Suppliers (Supplying) which includes: - Provision &Bond; Stores. - Charts & Publications. - General Suppliers. - Hardwar Suppliers. - Fresh Water Supply. - Bunker Supply. - Deck & Engine Stores. - Safety Equipments. - Marine Chemicals. - Refilling Gases. Our services are rendered by a highly experienced and well knowledgeable staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our mission is to provide our clients with first world class,cost effective and efficient service. We are specialized in servicing all type ships whether they are container ships, Tankers, General ships, passenger ships of foreign naval vessels. Our services are; Supply of Provisions (Vegetables, Fish, Fruits, Dry Provisions), Supply of Hardware Items, Ship Equipment, Food Items, Medicines, Gases such as Freon, Acetylene, Oxygen, Supply of Deck engine & cabin stores, Removal of garbage, sludge, junk etc Our Sales Representatives are fluent in a great many languages -- English, German, Norwegian, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Russian, Japanese, Bulgarian, Hindi - - a definite asset to all our clients!
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