• Miss Esther Asante C/o Mr. D. Asante, P.o Box, Accra Ghana
  • The growing number of people in the developing world wanting to enjoy the benefits of a comfortable lifestyle born with the technological innovations of this century have inspired many companies, such as multinational Organizations and local businesses as well; to adopt a new approach enhancing a break through on the global market by meeting the increasing needs and demands of these new consumers. Unfortunately, the expectations are not as satisfying as primary presumed. Many businesses around the world are now mindful of the challenges facing them all the time, notably in a society governed by competitiveness of the globalization system. Various surveys have indubitably proved that failures resuming to enormous looses of great deal of money and eventually to the collapse of the entire business are effectively due to inefficiency of language understanding- and that even with the most skillful leadership administrating the staff, the Company may still lack of the necessary power to satisfy its clients. Conversely, linguistic knowledge is power and a grate catalytic tool, which is, of course imperative to the vitality of the business and to gain a competitive advantage on other businesses whether locally or internationally. Besides, accredited entrepreneurs having robust knowledge in marketing strategies and the challenges facing the world market is indeed a great benefit for the betterment of the Business. As a reputable company as yours desirous to delight more customers, you need a person whose interest include the implementation of the clients- no matter be their age and their social situation and this could be only through demonstration of a powerful accredited credentials which complies good understanding in: * Human Relation and Customer service (how to be flexible and kind to all customers) * Cooperate Information Management * Office Procedures (managing documents accurately) * Marketing Strategies * Sales and Pricing Policies * E- Marketing * The Business Plan. * The Organization All these tools are very essential to attract and retain the customer and also to improve the image of the Business. As per these reasons, MANFRENCH COMPANY LTD -TRANSLATION AND INTERPRETING SERVICES - has come with the good willing to assiste your needs and help you to enhance the image of your Business on the global market. Indeed, MANFRENCH COMPANY LTD is a newly established company composed of very accredited and international Multilingual Freelance Translators, Interpreters,(with more than 5 years of professionalism on the website) and eventually Marketers, Business Coordinators and Transcriptionists to sollicited you wherever you are in the country. With MANFRENCH COMPANY LTD- make the intelligent choice to improve the growth of your Business today! For the Betterment and the success of your Business, we hope to hearing from you.
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