The Story Behind Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda

Image source: Paul Kagame (Official YouTube channel)

The humble beginning of a leader

Born the youngest of 6 children descended from Rwanda royalty in the village of Tambwe, Ruanda-Urundi on October 23, 1957 Paul began his education near a refugee camp.  At the age of 2 the revolution ended the Tutsi family dominance and his family was forced to flee to Uganda.

At the age of 9 he went to primary school where he excelled with top grades.  He attended one of the top schools in Uganda continuing his education until the passing of his father in the 1970’s.  At this time his education suffered a decline and he was later suspended but was able to finish his studies at a secondary school.

Upon completion of his education he chose to visit Rwanda in a very low-key fashion because he was in exile and didn’t want to be arrested.  He used this time to study the social and political standing of the country and make connections that would later help him.

The making of a president

As many a young man chose, he fought in the rebel army and later became a Senior Ugandan Officer.  These footsteps led him to the presidency and the Rwandan Patriotic Front which invaded Rwanda in 1990.

He took control and negotiated a cease fire in 1993 after the RPF leader died.  An assassination of the president caused a genocide which Kagame later ended with a victory.  Between 1994 and 2000 he served as Vice President and Minister of Defense where he assured abidance of law and order.

He participated in 2 rebel wars which lasted until 2003 with what he would later rename The Democratic Republic of the Congo.

He took office as president of Rwanda in 2000 when Bizimungu resigned and since then has won repeated elections including the most recent where he was re-elected in 2017.  He was placed in office while a still in effect Transitional Constitution was active, being elected by government ministers instead of a direct election.

Planting the seeds of change

Since being in office as president he has made it his personal priority to increase the development of Rwanda to become a middle-class income country by a proposed 2020, with his Vision 2020 program.  This program put people at the heart of this vision, uniting a country, creating infrastructure and developing areas in transportation, tourism, agriculture and technology.  In the last few years Rwanda has developed a strong standing in its education and healthcare industry.

The economic standing of Rwanda has grown tremendously since the implantation of Vision 2020 and Kagame has shined a light on peace and safety.

Footsteps to the future

The year 2020 is fast approaching and the goals for Rwanda that Paul Kagame had set have not completely come to fruition; however, his dedication and determination continue to shine bright lighting the way for a future that offers economic growth and stability for all its citizens.  With time and patience, it shall be achieved.  Many may wonder if Kagame can achieve such a bold agenda, some might look at his agenda as already a failure 2 years before its completion.  If we take a step back and look at where the country of Rwanda began, what its people have been through, if anyone can bring about change to rise above conflicts of yesterday, Paul Kagame may be the man to do it.  

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