Could Djibouti be your next holiday destination?

Djibouti may not be the first country that pops into your mind when you are considering holiday destinations, but it’s definitely worth considering as an amazing trip awaits you.

Djibouti is located in the eastern part of Africa, a coastal country on the red sea and bordered by Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somaliland. The climate is very hot, arid and humid which is more noticeable in the summer. The cooler months are October to April with the occasional rain.

Top Things to Do

Visit Ambouli
Ambouli is a town in Djibouti that boasts of amazing sights. A few examples are Dolphin excursions at a diving site, whale and shark sights and an open water excursion. Ambouli is also home to Djibouti’s finest perfume shop – L’Elixir parfumerie, where you can find genuine branded perfumes at a fair price.

Djibouti City Tour
Djibouti City is the capital and the largest city of Djibouti. It has a population of about 623,891 and covers an area of over 630 km2. You will be amazed to learn that Djibouti city has the second-largest economy of any city in the Horn of Africa right next to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The city is beautiful and the locals are friendly, so you will not have a problem walking around by yourself.

Aden Fishing
The strategic position between the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea is what makes Djibouti an excellent place for fishing and other activities. The best months for fishing expeditions are April, May, June and October.

Place Ménélik - Djibouti’s Main Square
Palace Menelik is Djibouti’s main square which is the epicenter of the country’s tourism spots. This is probably why living around here is a bit pricey compared to the outskirts. You will find delicious pastries and wonderful cafes, loads of night clubs, and restaurants such as Pizziola and La Chemier dotted around here.

Image source: Atlas Boots

Visit the Grande Pecherie
The Grande Pecherie is a beautiful market place where local fishermen sell their fish they caught during the day. You will have two choices buying choices here; one is you can take away the fish you bought and cook it by yourself in your hostel or you can give it to the locals and they will prepare it for you. Be mindful of the price, but expect a fair bargain.

Lake Assal
Lake Assal is a crater lake in the central-western part of Djibouti. It is just around 120 km from the center of the country – Djibouti City. It is the most saline lake in the world after Don Juan Pond, Antarctica.

Khor Ambado Beach
This is one of the best places for those of us who love to enjoy a variety of water activities such as swimming, scuba diving, sunbathing and snorkeling. To get to this place you will need or your tour guide needs to have a four-wheel drive vehicle because it’s not hard to get stuck in the sand!
What are you waiting for, Djibouti awaits!

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