How to Enjoy Lagos on a Budget

Anyone who has heard about Lagos definitely knows that it’s one of the most exciting cities to visit in Nigeria. The metropolitan city is filled with beaches, great hotels, museums, parks and the highest number of celebrities in the country.

One of the best things about this city is that despite the glam and extravagance, it can be enjoyed by anyone. While you can go out and spend money carefree in the city, you can also have a great time on a budget. If you’re on a budget, we’ve got some ideas on how you can make the most of your trip. 

Pay a visit to Fela Shrine

Fela Shrine is an afro-music shrine dedicated to the late musical genius Anikulapo Fela Kuti. The shrine remains one of the most popular places in Lagos and the best thing about it is, it is very affordable! You can breeze into the shrine on a Thursday evening for a free show where you can have some drinks and watch the brother of the late Legend, Femi Kuti play his music and entertain. 

Evenings at Fela Shrine are very colorful, lively and exciting, especially when you visit with friends. You might also be lucky enough to run into your favorite celebrities at the shrine. Drinks at Fela Shrine unlike popular clubs are very cheap so you and your friends would have a great evening. 

Image source: User:Kaizenify [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Dance with the waves at Oniru Beach

One of the best things about Lagos is that you can never run out of beaches to visit at any time of the year. Oniru beach is one of the most popular beaches in Lagos and you can easily get in with a very cheap gate fee. At the beach you can swim, enjoy a picnic, enjoy drinks at one of the bars, ride horses or simply enjoy the view of the famous Atlantic Ocean. If you love visiting beaches often, Oniru Beach Lagos is your best option because of the low entry fee.

Enjoy Art at The National Museum

Lagos remains one of the cities in Nigeria with the best art and history. If you are a fan of history, you can pay a visit to the National Museum. The entry fee to the museum is quite cheap and is well worth the visit.

In the National Museum you can view fascinating art displays from the Benin people of Nigeria, see historical items from the Nigerian civil war and enjoy tales of each item from your tour guides. After your tour, you can also take selfies and purchase some souvenirs from the gift shop. 

Enjoy Serenity at Lekki Leisure Lake

A lot of people associate Lekki with expenses hence when going out on a budget, they avoid this part of Lagos. As a matter of fact, not all parts of Lekki are overly expensive. The Lekki Leisure Lake offers tons of fun activities such as jet skiing, pedal boat riding or quad biking and all of this can be enjoyed with no more than 1500 naira! You can also simply hangout with your friends and just eat while watching the lovely views of the lake. 

Window shop at Ikeja City mall 

Ever since it was built, Ikeja City mall has remained one of the most popular malls in Lagos. You can be certain not to experience a second of boredom in the always busy mall. At the mall you can shop for a ton of items ranging from clothes to shoes and cooking ingredients. While on a budget, window shopping is allowed! 

After window shopping, you can stop to eat at one of the numerous eateries in the building with 1000 to 1500 naira. If you’re up for a movie, you can visit the cinema on weekdays when they have their promos. Visiting Ikeja City Mall during the holidays such as Christmas or Salah will definitely leave you buzzing.

Party at a wedding

In Lagos, there are no shortages of weddings on the weekend. There’s always a friend of a friend who has a sibling or cousin getting married. If you want to have some traditional Nigerian fun without having to spend any money at all, you can attend a weekend wedding. Here you can enjoy some of the best Nigerian meals and dance the evening away with elated friends and family! You can also get a chance to slay in your best native dress.

Cool down with a dip in the pool

After hours spent moving around in the Lagos heat, you might want to cool down with a nice dip in the pool. In Lagos, there are a large number of pools where you can take a dip for prices as low as 500 naira, especially if you stay on the mainland. Places where you can enjoy a swim for a low cost include Airport Hotel, Rita Lori, Ziggy’s and others. It is advisable though, that during festive periods you budget a little more money for a swim.

Visit a Viewing Center

One of the most exciting places to be in Lagos as a football fan is at a viewing center. In most Nigerian cities people only visit viewing centers when they don’t have electrical power or the subscription to watch a football game. In Lagos though, almost everyone prefers watching games at viewing centers because it is more fun. Watching a game at a viewing center also costs no more than 200 naira. You can also buy a few drinks and enjoy some roasted meat. So, if your favorite team is playing a game you can go to a viewing center and have great fun arguing and laughing with friends and strangers alike!

Image source: The Guardian, Nigeria

At the end of the day, with all the activities above, you probably would have spent just a little more than 5000 naira, which is approximately 14 US dollars. There’s no time like now to go exploring Lagos, and try to have fun in the process!

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